DEAD WRETCHED-CONVICTED / INFILTRATOR 7" MIS-PRESSING INFERNO RECORDS #HELL 4 DEAD WAX NUMBERS & With Varukers Lables .( dead wax reads Side A : "HELL 04A-1" . dead wax reads Side B : "HELL 4B-1" .  this is a real pressing plant fuck up , cause #HELL 4 , is the varukers catalog number ,But the Offical Standard Dead Wretched Release Has Catalog Number is #HELL 5 and the Standard Pressing You Get on a Normal pressing of Convicted is the following dead wax Side A : "HELL-5-A2  LYN-11699-2TO". dead wax Side B : "HELL-5-B  JA TAPE ONE   B   LYN-11700-1TO" .) this Hell #4 pressing is the True Original Version , super rare . the only way the Band or the Record Pressing Plant could fix this error was by getting a new lacquer cut and have new stampers made and pressing it all over . anyway proberly just a small hand full of these exist . this did not come in a sleeve .by far the rarest of dead wretched record !!!! ...-/EX+