MISFITS-DIE DIE MY DARLING 12" 1986 CAROLINE RECORDS / PLAN 9 #PL9-03 (3rd  Press Black Wax : unlabled caroline records pressing from 1986,  black vinyl copies with "C&P Hell-bent Music" on center labels. Sleeve is charcoal black, Misfits logo on front is violet purple, and band photographs on back are light pink. (these colors are slightly different when compared to the 1st pressing). about the dead wax A side "   PL-903-A   (7p) PA. 5-84    (EDP)  MZ  GIR"     note the what looks like 7p is circled simular to an @ sign...the edp is also circled its stamped , gir is scratched out . vinyl and sleeve are midum (standard grade) thickness..if you hold to light its translucent you can see a couple of darker streeks like smoke...i consider this just a standard black wax)...EX+/EX+