LAST ROUND UP-LP  punkrecords #4
LAST ROUND UP-LP  punkrecords #4

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Song Sample:

Billions For Destruction

Format Released on : Vinyl
Insert Type : Large Dubble Sided Insert
Color Wax : Black Wax, Green Wax

1600 Made Black Vinyl
150 on Green Wax:100 of the Green Wax Have a Poster Sleeve thats Hand Numbered.(other 50 were mixed with the standard press)
9 test pressings made.

Infamous Hardcore punks Release Their Album , Featuring Their Two Demo Tapes From 1988 & 1991 . Mastered For Best Possible Sound Quality. And a Studio Set From 2007 Just For This Release ! LRU Still Plays From Time To Time.
1600 Made Black Wax    2 Sided insert .  

Hardcore Punk Rock from Notorious Drunks from East L.A. i first meet this band in 1986 or 87 ,when thay played a gig with another friends band i think it was no mercy . anyways shortly after that we're were going to east la to party with them and watch the practice out of  mikes gurage .thay need a new drummer , and my friend "ray rios" (he also played drums for no reaction) joined the band. last round up still plays from time to time , this releace will have there 2 early demos from 88 and 91 +a studio set from 2007 .  

100 have a poster sleeve with art by Cyler Spyder from Australia