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PUNKRECORDS #21   Is Done!! Ready for Sale

BEOWULF "Ain't No Place" Lp Vinyl
16 Songs, Two Sided Color Insert.

Black Wax 500 Made = $18.50 + Shipping

Blue Wax 500 Made = $21.50 + Shipping

WARNING 18+ Years of Age due to (Mentors type of) Adult Content Not
for Kids, or Easily Offended People like some Liberals, or Faggots
Bitch Boys, or what ever you want to call your self Creature Self, ect...
and Espicaly if you  No Sence of Humor.Because you will be offended.
can't have no Bitches Crying, actualy i don't care...
Record is about Drinking, Fag Bashing, Sex, ect.

DRY ENTRY "Drunk Again" Vinyl
Recorded Dec 1989 - March 1990
Restored Using Three 1st Generation Tapes that were mixed, over several months
directly to cassette in Dec 1989 and March 1990 (These are the Masters).
Thought lost, but found after, I was able to go through the singers cassette collection.
17 Songs of Hardcore Punk.
full color insert with Lyrics, flyers and band history. Some Have 12" x 18" Poster.

Black Wax 500 Made = $18.50 + Shipping

White Wax 500 Made = $21.50 + Shipping

NO  REACTION "Punx" 12" 45rpm Album 1982-1986 SESSIONS
One of The earliest Venice/Santa Monica Suicidal Bands, No Reaction
This Band Formed in Late 1981-82 They Played along sides with all the early
back yard party bands of the Local area Neighborhood Watch,Suicidal Tendencies,
The Beer Nuts, Chaotic Noise(Excel) Beowulf, No Mercy. If you have the Farewell To Venice Album
You Should Know The Sound Hardcore Punk. This Vinyl Will Shed More Light on the Band
Click Link To YouTube Vid of Dan from Excel Mentioning No Reaction from Westside Rebellion
This Vinyl is Cut on 45rpm To Get The Best Sound, I Recommend EQ it for  
Your Speakers The Music Has Been Restored from The Three only Known Rehearsal
Recordings on Cassette Tape  (There is one Live Recording But Sadly I could Not
Use It Due To Quality). the Album 300 Color Wax, 700 Black Wax, CD 1000
Record Is about 25 min. Long from 1982, 1983*, and 1986**.  15 Songs. Lyrics Sheet with
Wright up and photos. The 1986 Recording Has Sal Troy of No Mercy Playing on Drums.
This Was One of My Favorite Bands to Watch Play Back in the 80's. Hope You Enjoy.

Black Wax 700 Made = $18.50 + Shipping

Blue Wax 300 Made = $21.50 + Shipping

CD =  $14.50 + Shipping


  1     Instrumental     
  2     Day Dreamer Instrumental     
  3     Tommy *     
  4     From The Cradle To Your Grave *     
  5     Why Not *     
  6     Dead Flys *     
  7     Busted     
  8     Day Dreamer**     
  9     Punky Reggae**     
10     Tommy**     
11     Twig*     
12     Riot Squad*     
13     Not Today     
14     Jazz Confusion     
15     Evil**

Amazing Philippine Punk / Oi Band Songs Recorded Back in 1985-1986
There Are 800 Vinyl Made With a Color insert All on Black Wax.
1000 CDs Are Made With 2 Bonus Live Songs.
Close to Half The Pressis in The Philippines
(Contact Middle Finger Records / Bad Omen to Buy in Philippines)

Black Wax 800 Made =  $28.50 + Shipping

(Vinyl Stock is very low. No Wholesale Copys Left for Vinyl - but i can do CDs)

CD = $14.50 + Shipping

Song Sample (un-restored versions)


  1     Manila Girl     
  2     Nagpapa-Pansin Pansinin     
  3     Machine To Mark     
  4     Breaking The Wall     
  5     We Don't Belong To The Stars     
  6     Do You Rebel Rebel     
  7     N.E.V.E.R.     
  8     Hoy!     
  9     No Future Sa Pader     
10     Modern Fishballs     
11     I Don't Like Your School     
12     Blood In Every Heart     
13     Battle Of Mediola*     
14     News Of The World*     
15     Modern Fishballs**     
16     Hoy!**     

CD Bonus Tracks:
17     Nagpapa-Pansin Pansinin Live***     
18     Do You Rebel Rebel Live***

Double Sided Insert only 900 Made on Black Wax & 100 on White Wax
1100 CDs We're Made
The Early 1980's Venice Band, Neighborhood Watch, is Following up their 12"  30 years
later with this album, containing old songs that were never recorded properly back in the
early 1980's  along with new songs made in the past 5-6 years & a few excellent sounding
old live songs from their 12". 17 Songs in total. See Them While You Can !
RECORD REVIEW:  http://allabouttherock.co.uk/neighborhood-watch/

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

White Wax 100 Made = $24.50 + Shipping

CD =  $14.50 + Shipping

Song Sample (from 1st 12" )

 1     Desperate Measures     
 2     Drunk While Punk     
 3     Soldier Boy     
 4     Kick Rocks     
 5     I.G.T.G.     
 6     Wild Goose     
 7     Blues And Grays     
 8     Drinkin On Lincon     
 9     R.T.D.     
10    I'm Drafted     
11    Delicious Vomit     
12    Creation     
13    Acid Rain     
14    Vultures     
15    Riot     
16    Onslaught     
17    Straight Edge

BDF #3
Insert + 2 Bonus Double Sided Color Inserts of many flyers & photos From the
Early 1980s One Side has a Promo bio from 1983 That was With My Original Vinyl.

NOTE: These 2 Bonus Inserts are Not Part of The Pressing, But I am Putting These
With The Vinyls I Have The Flyers Add to This Record Make It A Cool Package To Own.
This Is My Good Friends Label BDF Records, So Even though i Did Not Pay For This
Record To Be Made, Bdf is Conected To PunkRecords By Our 1st Release Farewell To Venice,
So I Will Sell As If It Were on My Label. A Because I Have atlease 250 of the 1000
Vinyls Pressed and If you need Wholesale On This Vinyl, I Can Fill Your Store.

Black Wax =  $18.50 + Shipping

Blue Wax =  $21.50 + Shipping

CD =  $14.50 + Shipping

Black Wax "Rejected Jacket" =  $18.50 + Shipping
I Was Was Handed These Rejected Jacket By One Of The Band Members To Sell
With Mass Amount OfNeighborhood Watch Vinyls. There is Noticable Differences in
Type and Size of Front Jacket Art is Larger Too.  The Photo on the Back is also Little
Fusszy, Neighborhood Watch Decided To Reprint The Jacket. So i Am Selling These
As The "Rejected Jacket" There Are Less Than 100 of These.

Song Sample:

1    Acid Rain     
2    Riot     
3    Straight Edge     
4    Show No Mercy     
5    Creation     
6    Vultures     
7    Onslaught     
8    Delicious Vomit

BDF #2
Full Live Set, Contains Many Unreleased Songs Not On The 12" but
Are Now On The Black Album  Offical

DVD NEW =$12.50

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
F   "Burn The World Into Ashes"    &    "The Complete Discography"
Vinyl & CD Are Different.

Vinyl 17 Songs with 2 Sided Color Insert 400 Made on Black Wax & 100 Made on Clear Wax
Restored For Best Sound Quality. Florida's Great 1980's Hardcore Punk Band Releaces
There Original 1985 Cassette Tape Planned as An Album But was Never released Due to
Bands Laziness. It was a 11 Song Cassette only Demo, which Alternative Tentacles came
very close to releasing, but it never happened. First Time on Vinyl The 1985 Album Restored
With Extra Songs From 1983 & 1984. 17 songs in total. 1 song exclusive to the vinyl not on the cd !
Black Wax 400 Made = $18.50 + Shipping

Double CD = $14.50 + Shipping

Song Sample:

F   "Burn The World Into Ashes" Vinyl

Vinyl Tracklist
1. The Religious Murderer
 2. Reagan Is Your Lord
 3. The Crime Of The Century
 4. Shattered Badge  ***
 5. The Yellow Corn Boy  *
 6. What You Wish
 7. Roddy Piper's Rowdy Hearts Club Band  *
 8. Nuke Me (Demo 1983)
 9. Milk (Demo 1983)
10. Dueling Banjos (Rehersal 1984)
11. In A Panicked Liberal Mind (Live 1985)
12. Pray To Cob That One Day You'll Learn To Cut The Mustard**
13. I’m No Punk
14. Hitler’s Little Brother
15. Phonograph
16. I’m Gonna Burn Down A City
17. The Final Scene  

F  "The Complete Discography" 2 x CD

 Tracklist CD DISC ONE :
  1. Attack
  2. No
  3. In Control
  4. Spit It Out
  5. Citizens Arrest
  6. Such Men Are Dangerous
  7. My Country Tis Of Thee
  8. Clock Strikes at start
  9. Pray To Cob That One Day You’ll Learn To Cut The Mustard
10. Shattered Badge
11. Shoot It Down
12. White Xmas (feat. Tiny Tim)
13. The Yellow Corn Boy
14. Rotting Away
15. My Girl Has Balls
16. Roddy Piper’s Rowdy Hearts Club Band
17. I Got A Right
18. Crack His Skull
19. The War Is Over
20. No Fun (live)
21. Philler In My Head

Tracklist CD DISC TWO :
  1. The Religious Murderer
  2. Reagan Is Your Lord
  3. The Crime Of The Century
  4. What You Wish
  5. I’m No Punk
  6. Hitler’s Little Brother
  7. Phonograph
  8. I’m Gonna Burn Down A City
  9. The Final Scene
10. Nuke Me x Demo 1983
11. Milk x Demo 1983
12. I Got A Right *
13. No *
14. Shoot It Down *
15. In A Panicked Liberal Mind
16. Citizens Arrest *
17. Rotting Away *
18. My Girl Has Balls *
19. Spit It Out *
20. In Control *
21. Nuke Me *
22. Pray To Cob *
23. Attack*
Live *

About the CD:
Contains All Released and Unreleased Songs recorded between 1983-1986.
Except 1 Song "Dueling Banjos" that is Exclusively on The Vinyl Only.
Double CD With More Than 2 Hours of Music. Plus a Live Sound Board Set.
44 Amazing Songs, The band  F was formed in 1982 This is the Hardcore
Punk Band. not to be confused with the metal band F (there old singer of F
left and the band and F split into two band one being hardcore punk and the
other being metal, playing some of the same songs.)

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
GENTLEMEN OF HORROR "Overhead Projector"
Vinyl Has Insert &  Poster. 700 Made on Black Wax and 300 on Gold Wax & 1000 CDs Made.
Great Canadian Punk / Hardcore Band. Same band That Made The Comped on Killed By
Death Sterling Death 7". This Vinyl Contains All Studio Songs Recorded in 1981 & 1982,
Restored for best Sound on Side 1. And a Rehearsal Set on Side 2 of More Rare Song
Many Not Recorded Else Where Making them Critical for The Collector. we Tired To Restore
Them As Best It Can Be done. But it's A Reseal So Sound Dose Suffer- But its Totally
Enjoyable and Critical and could not be left of this Album, It's Fast, Short, Hardcore Punk.
Dri Comes To Mind On This..
Now With Lyrics Insert.

Black Wax=  $18.50 + Shipping

Gold Wax= $20.50 + Shipping

CD =  $14.50 + Shipping

Digital Downloads & Song Samples

 1    Urban Killboy     
 2    Job     
 3    God Knows You By Name     
 4    Someone's Gonna Die     
 5    Rough Hike     
 6    Kill Europeans (I Hate Germans)     
 7    Bank     
 8    Don't Sell Me Nothing     
 9    Overhead Projector     
10   He's Too Old     
11   Rich Kids     
12   Crime Watch/Block Parents     
13   Bombs Have No Mercy     
14  They Don't Want No Problem     
15  Killer     
16  Indifference     
17  God Knows You By Name     
18  Hysteria     
19  Youth Revolt     
20  Bombs Have No Mercy     
21  I'm Cool     
22  Rough Hike     
23  Unknown     
24  Bank     
25  Radiation     
26  Bombs     
27  Strike     
28  Crime Watch/Block Parents     
29  Someone's Gonna Die     
30  No Army     
31  Kill Europeans (I Hate Germans)

CD  Bonus Songs (Live In Kelowna 7")
32   Crime Watch / Block Parents Live 82     
33   Motel Hell Live 81     
34   Rich Kids Live 81     
35   God Knows You By Name Live 81     
36   Rough Hike Live 81     
37   Kill Europeans Live 81     
38   Bombs Live 81

if your in Canada you can order through the band & save on shipping
at   www.gentlemenofhorror.com/

Limited Pressing in A Foldover Sleeve With Band Wright Up On the inside,
Only 600 Are Made 300 on Black Wax 200 on
Red Wax & 100 Made on Green Wax With a Glow in Dark Sleeve.
One incredible gig in the Kelowna's summer of 1981. This 7" Documents
This Gig. Plus 1 Song in 1982. Tom signed contract to rent the bandshell
(he was only 14) by posing as an ordinary rock band. Then they quickly
plastered the town with posters announcing a punk rock concert. The city
fathers were outraged.  The big day "Everyone was there, including the mayor.
They couldn't wait to find out who these freaks, these punk rockers were.
People were throwing bottles at us." After then show they packed up the
gear and the excitement continued. A crowd started hurling & charting
"kill the punk rockers." They'd obviously stirred up the hypocritical citizens
of Kelowna until they were ready to commit violence to keep the peace.
That was the first and last time Gentlemen Of Horror tried to bring punk rock
to the general public in Kelowna.  This 7" Is On The CD at Bonus Songs.

Black Wax 300 Made = $5.50 + Shipping

Red Wax 200 Made = $7.50 + Shipping

Green Wax 100 Made Glow in The Dark Sleeve = $14.50

Digital Downloads & Song Samples

1  Motel Hell Live 81     
2  Rich Kids Live 81     
3  God Knows You By Name Live 81     
4  Rough Hike Live 81     
5  Kill Europeans Live 81     
6  Bombs Live 81
7  Crime Watch / Block Parents Live 82   

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
Limited Pressing of  300 Black Wax, 200 on Blue Wax & 100 on White Wax
Fold Over Type Sleeve With Band Wright Up Inside, Three of These Songs
Are with Singer Allen (unglued) Singing. + 1 Song From The Lp.
These Three Songs Could  Not Fit on The Album.
4 Songs (on CD as Bonus Songs):

Black Wax 300 Made = $5.50 + Shipping

Blue Wax 200 Made =  $6.50 + Shipping

White Wax 100 Made = $8.50 + Shipping

Song Sample:

1     We Are The Future     
2     This World     
3     Dying On The Streets     
4     Fight To Survive

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
20 Song Vinyl With 8 Page Booklet & Poster Insert,
Black Wax 700 Made & 300 Blue Wax Made.
CD 1000 Made Has Bonus Songs Making it 40 Songs.
The Beer Nuts started out sometime around 1982.
They were all part of The Punk scene of The Westside Simular
in Style & influenced by Neighborhood Watch and Suicidal
Tendencies and No Mercy, No Reaction and Cycotic Youth,
and often the bands would play together. The Beer Nuts recorded
their first demo with Suicidal tendencies guitarist John nelson
some time around 1986.
Blue Wax = SOLD OUT

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

CD =  $14.50 + Shipping

Song Sample:

1     Defiance     
2     Teenage Nightmare     
3     Disorder     
4     So You Think Your Bad     
5     Bomb Shelter     
6     Fight To Survive     
7     Dying On The Streets     
8     Beer Nuts     
9     Anti Mod     
10     Nympho Manic     
11     With Out You     
12     Beer Goggles     
13     Stay Away     
14     Problems Of Today     
15     Ordenary Day     
16     Middle Class Trash     
17     Better Direction     
18     We Are The Future     
19     Fight To Survive     
20     I Just Wanna Have Some Fun     

CD Bonus Songs
21     Dying On The Streets    
22     We Are The Future
23     This World   
24     Intro    *
25     Fight To Survive *  
26     We Are The Future *
27     So You Think Your Bad *
28     To The Curb *
29     Nympho Manic *
30     Labeled *
31     Stomping *
32     No Way  *
33     Dying On The Streets *
34     Nervous Breakdown  *
35     Disorder  *
36     Teenage Nightmare  *
37     Defiance  *
38     Home  *
39     Fiend   *
40     Bomb Shelter *

Live At The Anti-Club June 26-1992  *
GENUINE  7” Tracks 19,21,22,23

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
Recorded in 1983, 1984, 1988. 8 Page Booklet Insert 700 Black Wax Made & 300 White Wax. 19 Songs .
The CD 1000 Made With Bonus Songs Making it 32 Songs.  
West L.A. Hardcore Punk , Recorded in 1983-1988.One of the first bands to
Crossover Hardcore Punk with the dirge of Sabbath, and not get caught  up
in cheese-metal. None of them old enough to drive, their parents would drive
them to the gigs. Raging, intense, full-throttle punk rock from the early 1980's.
With a median age of 14, they played the L.A. / Hollywood club circuit in the
early '80's with the likes of such great bands as D.R.I., Dr. Know, Entropy, Excel,
Stukas Over Bedrock, Justice League, The Beer Nuts, Cycotic Youth,
Balance of Terror and Armed Response, Neighborhood Watch.

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

White Wax = $21.50 + Shipping

CD = $14.50 + Shipping

Digital Downloads & Song Samples

 1     Treat Me Like A Dog     
 2     See Ya     
 3     Iron Penis     
 4     Fuck Machine     
 5     Clone     
 6     What Awaits     
 7     Stillborn     
 8     Take Me Back     
 9     Not The One     
10     Everyday     
11     Inflatable Infatuation     
12     Mr. Fay     
13     I Won't Go     
14     Behind My Back     
15     Given'en The Axe     
16     Black In The Mirror     
17     Faith Healer     
18     Fruit Of Life     
19     The Harvest     

CD Bonus Songs
20     See Ya     
21     Treat Me Like A Dog     
22     Fuck Machine     
23     Fruit Of Life     
24     Insecurity     
25     Not The One     
26     Jello Brain     
27     Love     
28     Everyday     
29     Talk     
30     Clone     
31     Blinded     
32     The Harvest

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
the Vinyl Lp is only the 13 Song Demo From 1986 and has
an 8 Page Booklet Insert Sound is Excilent.
500 Made on Black Wax and 500 on Blue Wax, Restored From The
Master Reels For Best Sound Quality.  
The CD contains all 3 of there demos 1985, 1986, 1987 as Bonus Songs, 23 Songs in Total.
the 1987 has 2 of the 3  founding members of cryptic slaughter in the band .
the 1986 demo personally I think is one of the best hardcore demos of the 1980s .
Strongly influenced by the 1st Suicidal Album & Neighborhood Watch
in music style. this is true Classic Venice Hardcore Punk Rock ,Suicidal Punks.
the 1985 & 1987 Demos will Eventualy Be Released on Vinyl Soon.
Also as of 2015 Cycotic Youth Have Reformed & Are Playing Gigs Again !
Do Your Self A Favor & Go See Them While You Can !

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

Blue Wax = SOLD OUT

CD = Sold Out (i cant find the box)

Digital Downloads & Song Samples

1     Fuck The Cops     
2     Crowd Control     
3     McDonalds Massacre     
4     Killing Time     
5     Wasted     
6     Fuck With My Head (Take #1)     
7     VD  (No Vocals)     
8     Cycotic Youth     
9     No Kooks     
10    Religion     
11    One On One     
12    Fuck With My Head (Take #2)     
13    VD     

CD Bonus Songs
14     Don't Tell Me Your Confused     
15     Teenage Slut     
16     Insanity     
17     Why     
18     Corruption     
19     Burn My School     
20     Skate And Destroy     
21     Anti Social Society     
22     No Kooks     
23     Fuck The Cops

30 SongVinly With Booklet Insert Only 200 Red Wax & 800 Black Wax.
the CD has bonus songs for a total of 35  tracks one track being a
live in studio radio show and is 24 min long. This band Recorded in 1985-1988
played only in the New York area, with all the great bands of the time period & clubs.
Sound is very  similar to early Agnostic Front & early DRI, Urban Waste or The Mob,
But very original musically truly Stillborn. Fast and Brutal Intense  Hardcore, the band
members were very young when these recordings were  made, this Hardcore is not to
me missed! Vinyl contains a booklet  with flyers and history of the band.
(song samples & Downloads on cdbaby.com)

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

Red Wax =  $21.50 + Shipping

CD = $12.50 + Shipping

Digital Downloads & Song Samples


 1    Unspoken Majority     
 2    Incomplete     
 3    Reflecting Jealousy's     
 4    Those Who Shape     
 5    Charity Starts At Home     
 6    Open Your Eyes     
 7    Nobody's Loss     
 8    Second Best     
 9    Forced To Fight     
10   Far From The Middle     
11   The Cause     
12   Not What They Expect     
13   Just Like You     
14   Crack In The Mold     
15   Directed Hate (PBA)     
16   Offered A Bribe     
17   The New Third World     
18   Dying For Progress     
19   Once Too Often     
20   Need To Release     
21   Safe Inside     
22   Overcome     
23   Flip Of A Coin     
24   Personal Trauma     
25   How Many More ?     
26   The Reason Why     
27   Intro     
28   Echoes     
29   Little Caesar     
30   Last Hurrah

CD Bonus Songs
31    Behind The Tears
32    7:08
33    ZaIIba
34    The Big Nowhere
35    Live Studio Set-May 7th 1987 Track time 24:46 min.

*Track 35 is Exclusively on this CD only (and no digital down loads eather)

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
17 Songs Vinyl Booklet Insert  100 Made on Red Wax, 200 on White Wax,
300 Made on Blue Wax & 500 Made on Black Wax,
Recorded in 1982-1983 , this is the same band that released "the land of the free" 7"
in 1983  that has been bootlegged on killed by hardcore series.
This release contains that 7" + a 10 song demo & another song from a comp.
this is  there complete discography, 17 tracks in total. Vinyl contains a  booklet
and insert with write ups from the singer and drummer with  the band history
that sheds some light on this long lost band.

Black Wax 500 Made = $18.50 + Shipping

Blue Wax 300 Made = $22.50 + Shipping

White Wax 200 Made = $24.50 + Shipping

Red Wax 100 Made = $28.50 + Shipping

CD = $14.50 + Shipping

Digital Downloads & Song Samples

 1      The Land Of The Free     
 2      Suburban Brain Death     
 3      The Guilty Walk Free     
 4      Nobody No More
 5      Bang Bang Bang     
 6      Can't Wait     
 7      Cavity     
 8      Over There     
 9      Strangling Me     
10     Gimmie Fun     
11     The Land Of The Free     
12     Nobody No More
13     Strangling Me     
14     Can't Wait     
15     The Guilty Walk Free     
16     Bang Bang Bang
17     Cavity

1-10 Demo 1982
11-16  "Land Of The Free" 7"EP 1983
17 "We Got Power" LP Compilation 1983 Mystic Records

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
20 Song Vinyl Album With Large Insert.  800 Black Wax Made, Red Wax Made But
There Are Estimated About 218 Red Wax Beacuse Atleast 50 Red We're Destroyed
During Shipping.  N.O.S. existed from 1986-1988 in Mesa Arizona, Recorded Hear
We Have There Two Great Demos From 1987 With There Original Singer, and There
Demo From 1988 When There Recorded as a Three Pece Band-All The Song Are
Great, and Restored For best Possable Sound Quality , they played the Arizona
area only, and with all the great bands that toured though Arizona at the time ,
exploited , suicidal, JFA, RKL . If a major band went  through there state NOS
played. Very Unique In Sound , 7 Seconds &  RKL Come to Mind, Very Very
Great Music , Intelligent Lyrics too . Band Was Straight Edge , but they we're
influenced by 7 Seconds & Washington DC Style Hardcore Musicly (not like the
new york style straight edge at all), you would not think of the straight edge sound
when you here this, More Like RKL or JFA in Style. this  is hardcore punk,
Great Skate Punk !  

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

Red Wax = $20.50 + Shipping

CD = $12.50 + Shipping

Digital Downloads & Song Samples:

 1   Be Your Self     
 2   Day After     
 3   F.W.M.B.     
 4   Government Problems     
 5   Outcast Society     
 6   Hipecrite     
 7   Let Me Be     
 8   What Happen To The Fun     
 9   Sweet Revenge     
10  N.O.S.     
11  Be Your Self     
12  Day After     
13  Big Man     
14  Victim Of Love     
15  Outcast Of Society     
16  F.W.M.B.     
17  Awol     
18  Round & Round     
19  Let Me Be     
20  Wasted

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
NO MERCY - og   LP 18 Songs
With Large Insert + Dubble Sided Poster

Clear Wax = $46.50 + Shipping

(No Wholesale Copys Left)

Black Wax = Sold Out

CD= Sold Out (re-pressing soon)

This Album Features 17 Songs All The Known Existing Songs By
The Original No Mercy Line Up With Singer Keven Gurcio Recorded in 1983-1986.
1500 vinyls made 1100 Are on Clear Wax & 400 on Black Wax Vinyl Had Large
Insert & a Dubble Sided Poster, out of the Clear was Press 100 we're With A Specal
"Surfer" Sleeve With And Additinal Very Large Poster of Skeliton Surfing Wave-
These Are Also Sold Out Many Years Back & Many Given Away To Friends of The Band.
The Lesser Known Black Wax With a Fold Over Sleeve Only 50 Were Made. And
Never offered for Sale on line. You Needed to Come Across Bass Player Ric Clayton
to Get One Cause He Had 25 of them.
CD of 1000 Made-All Are Sold Out atleat For Now.
No Mercy was 1st Featured On The Welcome To Venice Album in 1985, In 1986
The Singer Keven Gucreo Left The Band & Was Replaced By Suicidal Tendencies
Singer Mike Mure, this 2nd Line Up Released There Infamous Album “Widespread
Bloodshed“, band broke-up Shortly After When Muir & guitarist Mike Decided To
Reform Suicidal In 1988. This Album is The Original Line Up "Og" No Mercy !


       1983 Demo Tape
1     Brain Damage     
2     Kill For Uncle Sam     
3     Thoughts Of Destruction     
4     Big Shot     
       No Vocal Rehearsal 1983
5     Big Shot     
6     Fuck Life     
7     Kill For Uncle Sam     
8     Brain Damage     
       Studio 1985
9     No Mercy     
10   Die Or Be Killed     
11   War Machine     
        Live January 30, 1986 @ The Country Club, Reseda, California
12    War Machine     
13     Die Or Be Killed     
14    Blind Attack     
15    Day Of The Dead / Out For Blood     
16    On The Rize     
17    Death Of The Anti-Christ

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
2 Sided Insert 24 Songs

24 Songs Of Hardcore Punk Rock From East L.A. About Drinking & Violance.
Comes With Two Sided Insert.1600 on Black Wax & 100 Pressed on Green Wax
With A Different Sleeve That Turns Into A poster Featuring Art From "Spider" From Australia.
Infamous Hardcore punks Release Their Album , Featuring Their Two Demo Tapes
From 1988 & 1991 . Mastered For Best Possible Sound Quality. And a Studio Set
From 2007 Just For This Release ! LRU Still Plays From Time To Time.
Members went on to play in Repeat Offender & Oppressed Logic.
1600 Made Black Wax 100 color wax

Black Wax = $18.50 + Shipping

Green Wax 100 Made with Poster Sleeve = $25.50 + Shipping

Song Sample of the Whole Record . the second link is from the Wally George Show
Where They Were on Both Are great!

Whole Album     https://youtu.be/lcED_l0e9Ns
Wally George - Last Round Up - Hot Seat   https://youtu.be/WRt1L53iRtc

     "Last Round Up" Studio - September 2007
 1   Billions For Destruction     
 2   Acid Rain     
 3   Dreamer     
 4   Skitzo     
 5   Can't Get Out     
 6   Winos     
 7   Vons Sandals     
 8   Average American     
 9   Call It What You Want     
10  Wasted Time     
      "Wasted Time" - Demo 1988
11  I Hate You     
12  Tombstone Eyes     
13  Winos     
14  Can't Get Out     
15  Skitzo     
16  Dreamer     
17  Tyrant Nazi     
18  Wasted Time     
       "Average American" - Demo 1991
19    Average American     
20   Billions For Destruction     
21  Call It What You Want     
22  Acid Rain     
23  Homicide     
24  Wasted Time

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
DEMOB "Crime Through Time"

Demob, 1978 U.K. Punk Band Finally Releases There First Album, 30 Years Later ,T
his Band Is Better Known In The USA For There One Track “No Room For You” On
The Punk & Disorderly-Vol.1  Comp. This Album Contains 17 Songs, Every Song Rips !
There Is No Drag time On this Record ,Just Like Albums Used To Be . Essential Punk

CD  32 Songs = $14.50 + Shipping

Vinyl is Sold : Out for Now Repress Will Be ready for there Next USA Tour.

Song Sample of  Whole Album

Tracklist CD
 1   Crime Through Time     
 2   Big Brother     
 3   Riot Squad     
 4   Pain In The Arse     
 5   Billy No Mates     
 6   Think Straight     
 7   Unfinished Business     
 8   No Room For You     
 9   Kids Are Making Stand     
10  What You Fighting For?     
11  SUS     
12  3 Months DC     
13  No Fun     
14  New Breed     
15  Anti Police     
16  No More Talk     
17  Demobpunk

CD Bonus Tracks
18   It's You     
19  Teenage Adolescence     
20  Sus     
21  Fucked Off     
22  My Life     
23  One More Man Is Dead     
24  Stand Up And Be Counted     
25  No Way Out     
26  I Can't Get An Answer     
27  It's You     
28  The Colours     
29  Wait In Vain (Live)
30  World Of Anger (Live)   
31  Anti-Police (Live)
32  No Room For You (Live)

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:
14 Songs 1100 copies pressed: 550 gray marbled / 550 white
25 numbered "Back to the Stoned Age Edition 2xLP"-packages including
a white and a gray copy and a large booklet.
Infamous Hollywood Punk Band Releases There once Lost Recording
Session Featuring The Original Line Up From 1983 . This Pre-Dates There
1st Album By 2 Years. Art Work By Art Moralas Better Known For The Art
Done For The 1st Social Distortion Album Mommies Little Monster.
Formed in 1982, Stukas Over Bedrock was one of the pioneering bands
in the Los Angeles underground music scene. Stukas Over Bedrock
made their first musical mark with the 'Life Like Yogi' ep in 1983, which
received airplay on the "Rodney on the ROQ" show on the influential
Los Angeles radio station KROQ. The song quickly rocketed to
Number 5 on the Rodney Bingenheimer (KROQ)/Flipside radio chart.
The ep is now unavailable, as a disgruntled former guitarist reused the
masters after leaving the band. ( the original master tapes were actual
found in the closet in the summer of 2006 ,these recordings are what
make up this album "back to the stone age" recorded in hollywood,ca
in 1983 in two sessions) The Stukas made contributions to Mystic Records'
"Party Or Go Home" and "Covers" compilations as well as to various
independent cassette compilations. The Stukas launched their 2nd
assault in the form of the full-length album 'The Age of Aquariums' in 1
985, released on the Happy Squid label.

Gray Wax = $20.50 + Shipping

White Wax = $20.50 + Shipping

Specal Double Vinyl  With Booklet 100 Made = Sold Out

Song Sample:


Life Like Yogi     
Aren't You Fucking Special     
Never Never     
Bedrock Bedlam     
Your Dream     
Put Me Away     
Sex Thing     
Four Bucks     
My Car Is My God     
I'm Free     
Solitary Confinement     
Careful With That Axe Eugene     
Just Another Myth     
Heavy Prison Metal

Song Samples & Photos Click Image Below:

Farewell To Venice- 2x LP COMP.

Dubble Vinyl with 14 Page Booklet
500 Made on Blue Wax & a  White Wax ,
500 Made on Dubble Black Wax

Songs : 39 Songs Vinyl
Note That The vinyl contains 1 song not on the cd
But The CD Has More Songs that would not fit on the vinyl
Song Order is Compleatly Different.
CD is Made by BDF Records #1

Double Vinyl Album With 80 minutes of Music By 23 Bands part of the
Venice/West L.A. The Suicidal Punks, These Party band Formed The
Backbone of Venice Music Seen From 1983-1994. And are the same
punks that made early suicidal tendencies gig legendary being some of
the most violent and memorable gig of the 80's time period.

Featuring: Beowulf , No Mercy, Neighborhood Watch, Chaotic Noise,
Damaged , Last Round Up, Guardian, Disadent, The Beer Nuts,
Cycotic Youth ,No Reaction, Rapid Fire, Jugheads Revenge ,Crux Ansata,
Toxic Shock Syndrome, The Runs , Broadax ,Entropy, Horny Toad, Evol,
Dry Entry , Noxious Velocity .    



CD = $18.50 + Shipping

1   LA's Infidels - Earshot Away
2   AgainST - Roll the Dice
3   Second Coming (feat. Jay Adams) - That Ain't My Baby
4   AgainST - Camarillo
5   Fist of Fury - Wrecking Crew
6   N9 - Homeless
7   The Dead Reagan Tour - My Beach
8   Frontside Grind - Pray for Surf
9   Horny Toad - Human Commodity
10  Unidentified Minds (feat. Horny Toad!) - Heaven & Hell
11  Second Coming (feat. Jay Adams) - No Family
12 Double Secret Probation - Double Secret Probation
13  Neighborhood Watch - I Got the Gout
14  Supervillain - Burn Away
15  Damaged Kids - Depression
16  Creeper - True Blue


Green Wax = $21.50 + Shipping

CD = $16.50 + Shipping

1. Experiment in Fear
2. Abandoned Society
3. Crimes of Violence
4. One Word of Truth
5. Death Machine
6. Why?
7. Evolove
8. Cyco-Self

News of New Record Projects :
Planned Projects are all in Different Stages of being finished up.
Not counting the Dry Entry "Drunk Again" Vinyl, I hope to Have
one more vinyl and 3 cds done by end 2022

DRY ENTRY "You Ain't Shit" Vinyl Lp #19 soon

DRY ENTRY CD #19 & #20 CD (on one cd) soon

BEOWULF "Ain't No Place..." CD #21 soon

NO MERCY "og" CD Re-Press #5 soon

BEOWULF "Taste The Steel" CD #22  some time in 2023

BEOWULF "Taste The Steel" Vinyl Lp #22  some time in 2023

this time round it's the band with out the original singer Luicidal
plays the songs like thay are supose to be played-hardcore punk
style just like the sound on the 1st LP. thay play the 1st Lp, welcome
to venice song "look up" & a few of the songs from join the army- sound
is exactly like the 1st Lp - just amazing & you should not mis these gigs.   
Anyway Luicidal is not to be missed !!!!!!!

these link are to some youTube vids of:  VENICE "LUICIDAL" TENDENCIES

Interview  =   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0pijwWQwM0&feature=share&list=FLPYTQS5lpKxWpjyNFzQjjvA

Institutionalized =   http://youtu.be/svMjfBNSyiM

 I Shot Reagan =  http://youtu.be/Z76BpH1s3XY

Memories Of Tomorrow VID4 = http://youtu.be/h02F8_B9Pyg

Subliminal & Won't Fall In Love Today  = http://youtu.be/_StufV-e4T8

Look Up The Boys Are Back  = http://youtu.be/7zYjL5JWLLk

THE BANDS WEB PAGE : http://luicidal.com/


"Wasted Youth & Circle Jerks"
LOCAL DISTURBANCE ZINE "Wasted Youth & Circle Jerks"
in depth stroys & Memorys told by each band member
of the creation of each band Wasted Youth & the Circle Jerks
Photo By Punk Legend "Edward Clover" With Storys About The Photos Taken.
Large Thick Booklet Aprox Size is 12" x 9"
 Hight Quality Paper, 56 Pages, A Must Have.
place your order directle through Local Disturbance
add below: or email  russellweyer@frontier.com

check out    "West Side Rebelion" Zine

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punkrecords.net & punkrecords.com : Specalizing in rare original used 2nd hand : Punk Music ,Punk Vinyl , Punk Rock Records ,Oi Records , Hardcore records from around the word ,between the years 1977-1987. Buy sell or trade for original vintage Punk Record or Punk Records , Hardcore Record, Oi Record
<meta name="Keywords" CONTENT="punkrecords.net & punkrecords.com : Specalizing in rare original used 2nd hand : Punk Music ,Punk Vinyl , Punk Rock Records ,Oi Records , Hardcore records from around the word ,between the years 1977-1987. Buy sell or trade for original vintage Punk Record or Punk Records , Hardcore Record, Oi Record
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